Thursday, 2 March 2017

World Book Day 2017 - Narnia Theme

After last years very quick and easy fancy dress attempt for World Book Day, I decided that 2017's costumes required a little more thought and preparation.

This year I actually had a chat with the kids about what they thought they'd like to dress up as. They are very into Harry Potter and Narnia at the moment so there were a few comments about witches and kings. Then Chick 6 chimed in with "I think I could be a lion - I want to be Aslan".

Out of which was born our 2017 costumes...

Aslan the Lion -

Headpiece made from cardboard, painted and decorated with fur.
T-shirt - Primark (£3)
Leggings - Primark, pre-owned
Handmade wrist and ankle cuffs(thanks Mamgu for your help!)  - 1/4m Material from Hobbycraft (£2.50)
Tail - Wool from Hobbycraft (£4)

Mr Bever

Gruffalo onsie - M&S

Peter the Magnificent

Sword and shield - Old toys covered in tin foil
Knight Costume -  Amazon (it was on sale when we bought it for his birthday last year)

Joggers - Pre-owned
Crown - Cardboard covered with foil
Belt - Primark (£1.50)

White Witch

White dress - Old hand made (thanks again Mamgu)
Gloves - Claires Accessories (£3.50)
Pearls - Tesco, Pre-owned
White Dolly Shoes - Primark, Pre-owned
Crown, wand - Pre-owned (thanks chick 6!)
Sparkle Hair spray - Claires Accessories (£4)
Fur Jacket - Charity shop (£3.50)

So there you have it!!

Chick 6 was thrilled to win best costume out of her year group and got a £5 book token for WH Smiths!

The children in my own reception class were very curious about my costume (most of them didn't have a clue who i was "A white princess??!"
I ended up going on a risk assessment trip with my collegue in a forest that afternoon. We got some highly amusing odd looks from several dog walkers. We even bumped into the Gruffalo!

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