Sunday, 9 July 2017

An enchanting Flower Fairy Party

The past few months have passed in a bit of a whirl wind. 

We're gearing up to move house, and as the paperwork started filtering in, I realised that Chick 6's birthday was going to fall smack bang in the middle of the move. The kids are aware of what is going on and we discussed the fact that we would be at the new house on their actual birthday. 

In order to try and make the transition a bit easier, we decided to organise more play dates and an early party so that they could have some fun with their friends before the move. 

This year, Chick 6 decided she'd like to go for a flower fairy theme. She's adored fairies since she was a toddler, and so it seemed like a fitting idea to have a garden party when we have a serious lack of toys and furniture in the actual house (it's all in storage!)

In order to 'fill the empty space' a little in the living room, we put a load of helium balloons and had a slide show of chick 6's photo's from the last 5 years playing on the telly.

I've got to say, I had a really fun time thinking of activities for this party. As a fairy enthusiast myself, I put together a few ideas that meant the children had some keep sakes they could take home with them at the end of the day. 

We had empty fairy dust jars, which the girls filled with different colour glitter. The Works do some fantastic offers for these, I bought 2 packs of 6 for £4 each. 

After they'd chosen their colours, they shook them up and made a wish. I told them if they put a sprinkle of it on their pillows each night, it would help them to have great dreams (a little magic trick I've been doing with our children for a while now).

Outside there was a little exploratory fairy garden, with fairy houses, fairies, mini animals and objects which they could set up and play with. 

Amazon do some great offers on fairy garden packs (see the links at the end of this post for links).

One of the things I saved out of the dressing up box before it all got packed up and put into storage was the fairy costumes. 

For some reason we have about 6 outfits!! Who knew? Anyway, these got put out so that any kiddies that didn't have a costume on could get dressed up as well :) 

Chick 6 loves to colour and draw, so I put some blank fairy cut out shapes on a table with some crafty supplies. They really enjoyed this activity and were able to add this little craft to their fairy party bags too.

 During the afternoon, they were each able to come and paint and decorate their own fairy house (mini bird house). I also got these from The Works. These ones are the smallest ones they did, but were only a £1 each!! Bargain!.

Once they'd finished decorating them, they hung them back on the tree to dry and were able to take the home at the end of the party. 

I ususally make the kids a cake on their birthday, and this year I very nearly caved and bought a shop created one because I've been up to my eye balls in packing the house. In the end I saw this really simple idea on Pinterest, and figured that would do the job nicely!! The flower fairy cake toppers were from amazon again (see links at bottom).

At the end of the party, the girls all put their crafty creations into one of these very sweet party bags (amazon again - love that site!!).

It was a really magical afternoon, and it was lovely seeing Chic 6 enjoy some quality time with her little friends before we head off to the new house. 

Here are a few links for some of the bits we had at the party :) 

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